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Hydrographic Survey

By using MBES (Multi-Beam Echosounder) and SBES (Single Beam Echosounder) equipment in hydrographic measurements, we obtain high quality and high-resolution data in sea and inland waters.

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Geotechnical and Geophysical Survey

  • Studies in Sea and Inland Waters;

Within the scope of geophysical studies, we carry out surveys by using Sub-Bottom Profiles (Shallow Seismic), UHR Sparker (Single and Multi-Channel Ultra High-Resolution Reflection Seismic), high resolution Side Scan Sonar, and Magnetometer equipment.

In geological studies, in addition to taking sediment samples with Van Veen Grab, Box Core, Gravity Core, Piston Core equipment, we reveal the characteristics of seabed with offshore drillings.


  • Land Studies;

Conducting studies in relation to Water Structures Projects, Mining Activities, and Engineering Geology Services, as well as EIA Reports and Zoning Plan Studies;

       - Preliminary Investigation Survey and Preliminary Investigation                      Geotechnical Survey Report

       - Planning Survey and Report Preparation

       - Final Project Survey and Report Preparation

       - Preparation of Geology - Geotechnical Investigation Report section                      of Feasibility Reports

Realization of Geotechnical Field Surveys and Soil Investigations


Planning and Design of Renewable Energy Plants

- Conducting feasibility studies and project designs prior to installing floating solar and wind power plants on water surfaces

- Creating a floating SPP efficiency map

- Preparing a project design report that encompasses all construction activities based on data derived from field assessments and feasibility analysis.

CTD rosette sampler with bathometers and other science equipment for measurement of underw

Oceanographic Survey

We carry out in-situ physical and chemical measurements on project site with our experienced staff in oceanography. In addition, we obtain water samples and deliver them to accredited laboratories to measure requested parameters.

Visual Inspections

We conduct inspection, damage assessment, and risk determination studies for underwater structures by means of underwater camera and ROV equipment.

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Positioning and Construction Support Studies

We carry out positioning, construction support, and repair works in sea and inland waters.

Lidar and Photogrammetric Measurement Studies

We obtain high quality and resolution products by using Lidar and Photogrammetric Measurement methods in producing Orthophoto and Point Cloud data in studies carried out in terrestrial areas.


Engineering & Modelling Studies

Within the scope of engineering and modelling studies, we provide project development, execution, design, modeling, and consultancy services for coastal and offshore structures for the construction, energy, and maritime sectors.


In all our works, we deliver the graphics, models, databases, and reports that we have prepared in accordance with project specifications at high standards and on time.

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